This age-old question really has a simple answer. Attempts to answer it, however, and attempts to get around implications of the simple answer are often quite convoluted.(Continue reading)..What Came First The Or The Egg?


The Truth About Islam Revisited :: By Geri Ungurean – Rapture Ready

Over two years ago, I wrote an article about Islam.  I am bringing this article out again with updates. I am sick to death of hearing that our fight is not against Islam. It most certainly is against this barbaric and satanic “religion of peace.”  To give Islam a name which includes “peace” is ludicrous.  It is the religion […]

Source: The Truth About Islam Revisited :: By Geri Ungurean – Rapture Ready

You Say There’s No God? :: By Donna Wasson – Rapture Ready

Let’s take a break from the daily feast of horrors delivered by the mainstream news media; from the endless parade of murders, terror attacks, war and despair, to take in a little cerebral refreshment, shall we? After all, one can’t continuously consume a diet consisting 100% of pure fiction, political spin, libel, sarcasm, useless speculation, […]

Source: You Say There’s No God? :: By Donna Wasson – Rapture Ready

Don’t Let Anyone Lie To You

Dear reader,  today I want to awaken people to the truth about abortion. Abortion is the murder of an unborn human baby.  I am not writing to condemn anyone, (we are all sinners in need of a Saviour)  but rather to make people, specially women, aware that having a abortion is the killing of a human life.

Why is it wrong to terminate a life?, because God said, “You shall not murder”. We are accountable to our creator.

No matter what your situation is, murder is never the way out.

Don’t let anyone lie to you.

God made us, He formed us in our mother’s womb.

He loves so much He sent His Son Jesus.  Read my first post, “Time is ticking away”.


Please watch the videos on this post. I pray it will help save the life of a baby and the mother.

If you dear reader is someone who has had an abortion, do not feel guilty or condemned.  Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, call on His Name. You will find forgiveness, love and peace in Him. And one day you will see your baby again in Heaven.